iphone 4 32gb locked to 02 ireland but its activated through jelbreak ios 5.1.1 condition 9.5/10 +

iphone 4 32 gb locked to 02 ireland i have updated the software and i have activated the phone through jelbraik as its locked to ireland 02 so uks sims would not activate it. to use the sim cards of uk the phone has got to be unlocked. i dont know how to get this phone unlocked as its from other country.i have this software which tells that where the phone is from and what network its locked to.i have taken the pictures plz see the pictures.i bought this phone from a guy who unlocked the phone through jelbraik so as sooon as i updated the phone the unlock software was replaced. so either have to wait for jelbraik to create the software for this latest version 5.1.1 . im located in hounslow west / west london. 07852822877 the phone comes on it own i ll keep the charger.